Thought For The Day by Al Boulden

1 Thessalonians 5:2  “For you yourselves are fully aware the the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.”

Is today the day that the Lord will return?  Nobody knows, but don’t you want to make sure you are ready when He does?  Thessalonians reading Paul’s letter after Christ ascended believed that He was returning any day.  Paul assured them, dead or alive, those in the Lord are saved and secure for eternity. We live 2,000 years later, and many wonder if He will return.  The question is not if….it remains when.  Yes, the Lord will fulfill prophecy again.  There is no doubt.  We in Christ live as witnesses of transformed hearts, redeemed through the blood of Christ.  We read God’s Word and relate to the changed lives of those before us, such as Paul.  Salvation is a life-changing experience that provides new eyes toward the world.  Each day is a growing maturity that solidifies personal joy that contagiously impacts those around us.  We live for today, knowing the Lord is in control and has a place for us in heaven for eternity.

Lord, thank You for awareness of salvation, abundant living today and certainty of heaven thereafter.  Fill us with joy to live and share accordingly.

Be fully aware today.