Thought For The Day by Al Boulden

1 John 3:8b-9a  “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work. No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in them.”

We are born with a sin nature.  Without Christ, we are sinners separated from the glory of God.  We are destined for Hell without Jesus.  Christ came to live a perfect mortal life and willingly died as payment for the sins of those who receive Him as Lord.  The unmerited gift of grace from Him saves and seals the repentant soul.  Surrender to Christ is a HUGE, BIG, LIFE-CHANGING decision.  It transforms the soul so that a new way of thinking and acting begins.  In many, it is radical and overnight. For others, it is a progressive maturation over time. Either way, it may be two steps forward and one step back because of choices made.  Time shows positive steps forward.  God’s seed in us is the Holy Spirit.  A true Believer hears and follows its advice.  Receiving Christ is not a casual decision with no life-changing transformation.  A Believer is made new and God’s seed directs new ways of living that glorify God.  The devil’s work is destroyed!

Lord, thank You for the seed of salvation and victory over the evil one.  Heighten our hearing to the Holy Spirit so that wise choices are made.  Allow us to taste victory over evil.  Use us as witness to Your saving grace.

Reflect God’s seed today.