There are many ways of achieving fitness levels for endurance racing; however the one outstanding item all great champions understand is that the longest distance to train and race is the 6 inches between the ears.

Recently I was asked to comment as to what I felt was the single most influential information any of my coaches provided me. My answer was something like this: At my first training session with a top coach I sought out; I completed his instructions and asked “what’s next.” His reply “I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said “that’s all coach.” He said “yes.” I asked “should I run more in morning or on weekends?” He said “only if you want to;” “however it’s not necessary.” I replied “OK.”

I was used to much more work at college; however made a decision to follow instructions of this coach as he coached several of the best US Milers at the time; as well as Al Orter (4 time Olympic Gold medalist in discus).

Two weeks later I asked him if it would be OK to race on the weekend. His reply “If you want to go ahead.” I did and set a PR on 5000 meter course at VanCourtlandt Park and winning race in 13:35.

Later the coach referred to the training as “pressure running.” At training he took me over to watch Al throw the discus: over and over and over again….the coach said he had developed a method of throwing the discus that could be repeated many times with perfection…like a softball pitch…that does not risk injury…and the training he had me doing, cialis like the other great middle distance runners was a method which could be repeated: over and over and over again…with without subjecting me to injury; however perfecting my efficiency along with bio-mechanics.

After much more study and experience I realized how much great science was behind the methods this coach used and over the years perfected the science.

This coach was a High School Janitor that coached the cross country team on long Island that held the record of 52 consecutive dual meet wins; until my HS team at St. Dominic HS defeated his team and ended the streak. My team went on to win the Eastern States 4 x Mile Championship that year. (4:27-4:22-4:17-4:12) splits.

Additionally the training this coach put me through helped me to a 12 Pro Career. He tapped into the “6 inches between my ears” because he observed and listened to me without saying much of anything. I am forever in his debt.

In Summary; it’s all about selecting the training that “Lights Your Fire.” “Dip your toes in the water,” “train and race with the best you can find to bring out the best in you.” Long and short of it is “FLY.”