COMMENTARY: Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts

Houston, TEXAS (November 25, 2018) — We certainly hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was blessed and spent with family and friends.

And if you’re a coach, student athlete, parent, relative, administrator or just a friend to high school athletics – outside of the UIL or not, we hope that you’re busy.

We here at LSCSN have been and hope to continue to be.

Dan Morgan, David Fuller and I (Jon Walk) are doing our best – given our personal family and work responsibilities – to continue to build relationships and do as much as we can to advance the coverage and promotion of Texas private and parochial high school athletics and help with the dissemination of information as part of.

If you’re new to us here at the Lone Star Christian Sports Network, you may not know that our major way of getting information out is via our Twitter feed @LSCSN.

We’re trying to post more here on the website and share more content through our Facebook page as well as a new audio “Two-Minute Drill”, but Twitter gets it done for us.

As we head into the last five weeks of 2018, we’re excited about what’s ahead.

Either Dan Morgan and/or Jon Walk were involved in 13 different online football broadcasts in 2018 and that doesn’t count some of the others who also fall under the LSCSN umbrella.

We covered a homeschool team (Tomball Christian Homeschool), a charter league championship (Houston Charter Athletic League), a six-man football championship and games in TAPPS, the SPC and T-CAL.

For the third straight football season, Kevin Brown has been doing the audio on The Woodlands John Cooper School’s football games that they televise through their You Tube channel.

Angel Gutierrez has also been pulling solo duty on Houston St. Pius X’s football broadcasts via the NFHS Network.

And finally, Bobby Linhart and Tanner Shanks have been doing all of the Houston Christian High School games over the Texas Sports Radio Network (TSRN), which carries Dan and Jon’s games.

Yet we find out that a lot of people still don’t know who we are.

And that’s OK.

Part of that is there’s a lot of things that we don’t do – that others do – to get our name out.

We also run into a bandwidth issue as the three of us have full-time careers.

No, we’re not trying to make a living doing this.

We literally love covering Texas private and parochial high school athletics and giving them as much attention that can be given and doing it very, very well.

So back to the question:  What’s ahead?

We started 2018 by doing basketball broadcasts via the Texas Sports Radio Network.

We got into gyms at St. Pius X, Houston Christian, Alpha Omega Academy in Huntsville, Westbury Christian, St. Andrew’s Episcopal in Austin, Lutheran South and Episcopal, where we did the boys and girls SPC championships.

We appreciate those athletic directors and coaches who have treated us so well.

LSCSN could always seek out the biggest games, but our approach is a bit different – and remember the bandwidth constraint.

We primarily look where we can do both a boys and girls varsity game in one trip.

We’ll start publicizing our schedule once we get confirmations secured.

This past week, thanks to the good folks with St. Thomas Episcopal and their Saints Thanksgiving Classic, hosted by St. Pius X, and Bay Area Christian in League City, we delivered 10 games during the break.

From there we met coaches Jeff Hollinger and Doug Brotherton with St. Agnes and The Village School, respectively, and attended the Texas Jamboree at Village on Saturday.

It was a great event featuring games involving girls private and parochial high school basketball teams against all public or charter schools.

Both Bay Area Christian and Village School have incredible new facilities and we were fortunate to attend games in both gyms.

For the second consecutive year, LSCSN will be releasing its All-Texas Private School state cross country teams and we want to explore ways to do other true All-State teams across the organizations.

We believe the best way to do that is through the reestablishment of the Texas Private School Coaches Association.

LSCSN would like to be a catalyst in that development as all three of us have been involved – more so Dan and Jon – in creating and producing events to recognize top senior athletes – again across organizations – in the forms of All-Star teams and other recognition opportunities.

A couple of closing thoughts to end 2018 on.

Please, please, please, update TAPPSter – if you’re a TAPPS member school – and/or MaxPreps with your schedule and results.

Like many of you in life, we have options.

When your schedule and results are complete there – or on your school’s website, we can best choose contests to attend in person that we navigate around the rest of our lives.

We want to attend more events where possible, but we need to know when you’re playing and where.

Basketball coaches, please get your records into the private and parochial school folks with the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches (TABC) for their state rankings. That’s primarily Ron Crandall at Houston Christian for the boys and Doug Brotherton at Houston The Village School for the girls.

They want those rankings to be thorough, timely and accurate. They can do it most efficiently with your help.

Even if you think you’re close to being considered, please pass your information along.  You can find out how by going to the TABC website at – or ask us, we’ll direct you to the right people.

If possible, and we know time is short, keep your rosters up-to-date with first and last names, and get them into your official book.

The games that we’ve covered so far – and I’ve been in nine different gyms in the first four weeks of the season – we’ve seen a menagerie of entries.

We just want to come by the scorer’s table, take a picture of the book and go find a seat to cover the game.

Thank you for all of your past support and encouragement and those to come in the future.

Don’t hesitate to politely let us know where and when we drop the ball.

The bottom line, though, is that we’re trying to keep the discourse going and raise the bar for all schools, leagues and organizations.

If we get an extra mention for a young man or women or a school, then we consider it a win.

There may be some things we’ve missed, but we’re certain that we’ll come back with you and share more soon.